planning an alcohol intervention

Planning an Alcohol Intervention

When a friend or family member is caught up in alcohol abuse situation. You are likely a close witness to how much an addiction like this can destroy lives. Not only is the addict destroying themselves physically and mentally. But the abuse has drastic effects on those that are closest to them. No one likes to see lives torn apart in this way, and you want to do all you can to try to get your friend or family member the help they desperately need right now. So they can recover and get sober. You and others involved may find you need to confront the individual involved with the situation. If you are planning an alcohol intervention, there are some things you may want to know that can help you.

Understanding an Alcohol Intervention

You and others may have individually approached your friend or family member. Begging them to recognize the problem and do something to get the help they need. Unfortunately, many alcoholics in this situation deny that they have a problem or that they have things under control and do not want to get outside help. Organizing an intervention, where a group of friends and family get together to confront the alcoholic. Will make them more aware of the destructive behavior going on, and that as a group you are here to give them the support they need to help them get treatment.

alcohol intervention

Getting an Alcohol Intervention Specialist

Since most people are not familiar with conducting an alcohol intervention on their own. It can be helpful to speak with an intervention specialist and have them work with your group on the intervention. At Summit Estate, they can supply you with a specialist who can help you organize and execute a successful intervention that steers the individual towards the goal of all involved – admittance to a treatment facility for the proper help.

Speak with Us Regarding an Intervention

If you are seeking to get help for a family member or loved one and need assistance setting up treatment and the guidance of a specialist for an alcohol interventionPlease call at Summit Estate for assistance. You can contact at (866) 569-9391 to speak with one of the counselors and learn what they can do to help you set up an intervention that will help guide the person in your life towards effective recovery.