car rust protection

Do Electric Cars Need Car Rust Protection?

Most electric cars are made of aluminum and magnesium alloys and carbon fiber composites. But even if they are powered by electricity, they are still prone to rust. If you’re planning to buy a battery-powered car, you may be tempted to skip a car rust protection service. However, protecting your electric car is still necessary. That is if you wish to keep it for several years while optimizing its resale value. 

Car Rust Protection to Stop Rust from Forming 

Rust can build up in areas of your electric cars that you don’t see. However, rust won’t form immediately after it left the dealership. And if you don’t travel to areas where the roads aren’t treated with salt, rust might not be a problem. However, as the vehicle ages, the rust protection that the manufacturer or dealership has applied will wear off. In that case, your electric car will be prone to rust formation and buildup. 


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