California Replacement Windows

What Types of Windows to Install for Your House?

Windows aren’t just there to allow natural light into your house. They can also serve as a strong focal point to the style of your house’s architecture. But what are the options available? Talk to our experts today to identify the California replacement windows to consider.

Types of California Replacement Windows to Choose

Single and Double-Hung Windows

They are the most popular types of windows. Single-hung windows let the bottom sash slide open and close. The upper portion remains fixed. But when you choose the double-hung version, you can slide their sashes up and down to improve airflow to your house. They can also make cleaning a lot easier. Both types have pros and cons. Spruce recommends double-hung windows if you have small children. “Double-hung windows’ top opening sash allows you to keep the lower sash closed, yet still have airflow coming through the open top.”

Casement Windows

Instead of sliding up and down, casement windows open outward. It features a hinge on one side. It has a cracking mechanism to easily swing the window open. They are commonly installed above kitchen sinks. However, you can install them anywhere you wish. If you are planning to have this type of window, make sure to consult us first.

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