rims for Mustang

Durable Aftermarket Rims for Mustang Convertible

There are thousands of choices when it comes to aftermarket rims for Mustang convertible. For your convertible, though, you need only the best. At Project 6GR, they only offer premium quality aftermarket wheels designed to last and make your Mustang stand out. 

As we know, Mustang has a stylish design. But you can make it more stylish when you fit one of our remarkable rims. All of the aftermarket wheels here are designed to draw public attention. They only want to give you the best wheels to hit the road. 

Car Safety 

It is one of our priorities. The wheels that they provide have been made for car safety. They are not only long-lasting but they are also affordable and made with corrosion-resistant materials. The wheels can also endure tough driving conditions. 

When you install our aftermarket wheels, you are confident that you are safe as they only offer authentic wheeling experience. At Project 6GR, they offer fully forged and spun forged wheels. They customize the fit and finish of every component. As a result, the wheels are tailored specifically to your car. rims for Mustang

Aftermarket Rims at Project 6GR

For years, they have been designing and creating an aftermarket alternative with the toughest rims. They are good-looking but not flashy. The designs include several features that many owners are considering as anti-impact technology. 

The rims are designed mostly for Ford Mustang. This type of car has a long history of being a muscle car. It has an aggressive style and toughness for great performance. 

Will They Affect the ABS

One of the many questions they receive here at Project 6GR is the wheels’ effect on their tire pressure sensor. They said that when they bought aftermarket wheels from other shops, their original tire pressure sensor stopped working. 

Now, they are worried if this would also be the same when they get their aftermarket rims for their Mustang from them.

Our aftermarket rims are designed with Mustang in mind. So, no, they do not affect or cause the sensors to stop working. The wheel fitment clears all brake applications. They are designed to be compatible with any Mustang. They are hub-centric and can work with your factory tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). When you do purchase aftermarket wheels from them, make sure to choose the right size. 

If there is a problem with your sensor, there is likely a problem with your car’s computer system and not the wheels. 

Should You Go for Fully Forged or Spun Forged Rims for Mustang

It depends on your preference. If you are deciding based on your budget, the spun forged wheels are ideal. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that they are strong and light. They are everything you need for your enjoyable ride.

Get Tough Wheels Today 

Their aftermarket rims for Mustang can fit on any model. They will look cool and your car will be the talking point among your peers. For more information about their aftermarket wheels, please contact (888) 714-7467. Or use their online form to inquire about how to become a dealer.