car detailing

Have You Washed Your Car Yet?

With our busy schedules, we can easily forget to wash our cars. In the hot summer weather, a shiny gleaming car in the sun is what happens when your car is clean. Thankfully, MobileWash makes cleaning or detailing your car fast and easy. Available in California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, and Florida, MobileWash has an iOS and Android compatible app that makes booking your next car wash or detailing that much simpler.

Keeping a clean and tidy car is more important than what most people think. You never know when you have guests to drive around. First impressions of how clean the interior and exterior of your car will help in any situation. No one wants to get into a dirty car.  

car detailing

Car Wash 

Not just a simple spray with the hose that leaves your car only slightly cleaner, MobileWash experts will hand wash your car, leaving your car as clean as possible. With hand washes, you avoid the automatic car washes that can damage your paint or even leave particles of dirt that were never cleaned off the revolving brushes and spinning whips. Not to mention, the billions of sharp tips on the brushes put numerous small scratches. 

Car Detailing

Specialists in car detailing, they will wax, wash, vacuum, and polish your interior, tires, rims, and windows. The wax coat will prevent your car from getting damaged by the elements. Every detail of your car will be accounted for and cleaned. 

MobileWash car detailers and washers will come to your geographic location. They are professionals that have extensive background checks and are insured. With several clicks on your smartphone, their app for iOS or Android will have your car cleaned in no time.