Finding a Los Angeles Therapist You are Comfortable With

We all face issues in life each day, but it is how you handle approach these issues that affect how happy you are in life. You may have complex issues and feelings going on in your life right now that have encroached on your happiness and the ways that you cope with life in general. Feelings of depression, stress, anxiety or hopelessness may pervade your thoughts, and you do not know if you can handle them on your own anymore. Seeking professional help can make a big difference and finding a Los Angeles therapist you are comfortable with is important.

Los Angeles Therapist

The Search for a Therapist

Your initial search for a therapist is likely going to involve two sources – getting recommendations from people you know and reading Internet sources and websites. Asking people in your life like close friends or family members who they may have used for help in the area can give you the names of therapists you may want to contact. The people close to you can give you important details regarding the therapist so you can see if they seem to fit what you need right now. You can also use the Internet to get listings of therapists and read comments and reviews written by current and past patients so you can see how others feel.

An Interview with a Therapist

Arranging for an initial consultation with a Los Angeles therapist is an important next step to take for you. You want to talk to therapists you consider seeing before committing to seeing them regularly so you can make sure you are comfortable with this person. You can take this time to ask questions and assess if the therapist takes the right approach with you and seems like the person that can help you to get to the heart of your difficulties and learn what you can do to overcome them.

A Therapist to Help You in Life

If you are seeking a Los Angeles therapist to help you get through the rough patches in life you are facing right now, please take the time to contact Dr. Yvonne Thomas, for assistance. I have over twenty years of professional experience as a therapist in the area and can provide you with the help you need to learn more about and face the issues causing complications in your life right now. You can receive a free phone consultation by calling 310-359-9450  or by requesting an appointment online on her website at so we can talk and see if we can move forward together with therapy that can help you.