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Why Marriage Counseling in Los Angeles Can Make a Difference

You have probably long heard that relationships are not easy or that marriage takes work. While these statements may seem like clichés, the truth is that having a successful marriage does take work on the part of both parties involved. There are always going to be struggles that you face during a marriage, and it is how you approach and deal with these difficult times that can determine if your relationship is strong enough to weather these times. If you are facing conflicts or problems that have damaged your relationship, these are reasons why marriage counseling in Los Angeles can make a difference.

Marriage Counseling in Los Angeles

Creating a Foundation of Trust through Counseling

Very often the issues that arise during a marriage that cause conflict may arise where situations of trust are concerned. Whether it is the infidelity of one of the parties involved or issues of distrust that have come up involving other areas of your personal life, when you find it difficult to trust your partner, there will be feelings of resentment and suspicion always. These feelings will deepen and further the rift between the two of you unless something is done. Counseling can help build a stronger foundation for you so that you can learn to trust again and grow together.

Learning to Communicate from Counseling

Marriage counseling in Los Angeles can be the ideal way to open the lines of communication in a relationship that have suffered over time. Breakdowns in communication can lead to countless problems in a relationship. When you stop talking to each other, you no longer talk about the things that may bother you or the things that you want or need in your life. Counseling can teach you how to communicate well with each other again, encouraging talk about feelings that can strengthen your relationship.

Seeking Marriage Counseling for Help

If you are struggling with your marriage and feel that marriage counseling in Los Angeles can help to get your lives back on track. Contact Dr. Yvonne Thomas, to arrange for the counseling and therapy that can help your marriage. I have deep experience working with couples in their marriage and can help you reopen the lines of communication, trust and respect that you may need right now. Call her office at 310-359-9450 or visit to arrange for an appointment for a free initial phone consultation and to arrange for counseling sessions that can help you in your marriage.