shilajit daily serving

Finding the Shilajit Daily Serving Size Right for You

More and more we are finding that the natural products that used for thousands of years may have greater wellness supportive benefits than many of the medicines and chemicals that we use today. Using ingredients made from purely natural substances has long been the method used by people in areas like Siberia, India, and China and people have there have long sworn to the effectiveness of these substances. Shilajit is just one of these organic substances that have shown to have amazing health benefits, helping with everything from support immune system to metabolism, mental acuity and much more. Finding the right shilajit daily serving that is right for you is important if you want to get the maximum benefits.

Creating a Healthy Daily Routine

It is important that whenever you incorporate a health supplement into your lifestyle that you do so while making healthy changes and improvements across the board. To get the most out of using shilajit, you also want to maintain a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables. You should try to eliminate foods that are highly processed, high in sugar, or high in fats. You also want to incorporate regular exercise into your life, getting twenty or thirty minutes a day of exercise to help improve your health.

shilajit daily serving

Finding the Right Dose

The right shilajit daily serving size will naturally vary from person to person and depends greatly on your body size and weight, fitness level and activity, and your body chemistry. It is best for you to start off using shilajit lightly so that you can see how small doses, no larger than the size of a grain of rice, affect your body. You can steadily increase the size from there up to about the size of a pea to see how it works. For most people, taking a dose in the morning and then again before each meal is ideal for proper absorption.

Where to Find Shilajit

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