Four Signs of Anxiety That May Mean It's Time to See a Therapist

Four Signs of Anxiety That May Mean It’s Time to See a Therapist

Anxiety can be a debilitating part of your daily life. You may find that you can’t do the things you once did or have fear of doing them now. You might find that your inner thoughts are being less than supportive and getting out of bed to do simple things like going to work can become an overwhelming feat in your life. If you are dealing with anxiety you may not know ‘when’ then time is to seek professional help. Some would prefer to trudge on silently and simply put up with their problems when that really isn’t the solution they need. So, what are the four signs that may be an indication that a therapist visit could benefit you?

Four Signs of Anxiety That May Mean It's Time to See a Therapist

You feel as if you are not in control of your thoughts:

If you have become accustomed to racing thoughts and seemingly constant worries then you may be dealing with an inability to control your thoughts. It can manifest in thinking if the negative scenarios to possible situations, nearly constantly freaking out over issues that would be seen as small to other people. You may find that your work day is clouded with thoughts revolving around worrying about the work you have to do while worrying that you aren’t doing enough work.


Feeling like you have lost control of your body or of yourself

If you find that you are constantly tapping your foot, shaking your leg(s) or shifting/fidgeting in an unconscious manner. It can also manifest in sending multiple texts or phone calls when you are worried about something


You avoid things you once enjoyed

When you are coping with debilitating anxiety you might find that instead of going out and being social you are shuttering yourself in at home. You have once spent time with coworkers at happy hour or weekends doing social events with your friends. However, now you evenings and weekends might be marked with Netflix marathons alone on your couch. Your anxiety might be keeping you from fully enjoying your life.


You have stopped doing your normal routine and have shut down completely

If you find that you no longer can get out of bed, feed yourself, your kids or do anything/everything that was one a part of your regular functioning routine, you may be dealing with severe anxiety issues. Finding coping mechanisms and speaking with a therapist to find ways of being down and dealing with your anxiety may be the best option. Your anxiety shouldn’t control or run your life. Finding the right ways to cope and move forward should be your next priority.


If you think you may benefit from counseling  you may want to schedule a counseling session with Psychologist and Psychotherapist Dr. Yvonne Thomas. Dr.Thomas has over 20 years of experience with working with her clients to address their anxiety issues. If you would like to schedule an appointment you can do so online or by calling  (310) 359-9450