Free College Football Picks to Get an Early Look

Free College Football Picks to Get an Early Look

It is still a long way to go for the next college football season. But Tony’s Picks offers you free college football picks so you can get early looks and predictions.


When it comes to college football, it is not too early to know what is to come. We can release several books for the highlight games of the coming season.


One of the interesting teams is the Miami Hurricanes. After a 17-day absence, the team’s head coach, Manny Diaz, is back. However, to help him win his team, he needs to break in a new quarterback. Tate Martell is eligible. But for many, he is not a quick solution.


Another team that is getting some headlines is the Florida Gators. Compared to Miami, Florida is a way better team. However, the spread provides the Gators more credit than it deserves. Then again, if you wish to take a side, Miami might be a better option.


Exciting Rivalry

College football is already exciting. But what makes it more interesting is the rivalry game. It is also an excellent equalizer when you bet on the favorite. Most of the players that you see on the field play because of their love of the sport.


Emotions are typically high in these times. Often, it can result in an underdog playing better than advertised. When picking a team, one factor to consider is the previous betting trends in a rivalry game.


In a mismatch, the preferred team might come away with a straight win. However, it will not cover against the spread. Focus on the previous season’s result between two rivals. Keep in mind that in college football, revenge can be a huge consideration.


More Weight on Home Field

In a college football, the home field offers a lot of advantage and it carries more weight. The reason for this is that the majority of the teams will play a lot better when they are in their home field. It is a factor that you must look into when finding current betting trends for a team’s outcome at home.


Betting on Winning Coaches

Free college football picks also consider the coaches. Of course, you would want to bet on winning coaches. College football teams with a long-time coach can often result in better predictability.


These coaches have a reputation for pushing and encouraging their players to succeed. However, some coaches are only worried about winning. These are the coaches that will rest their starting players if they are already winning.


However, betting on a team with a good coach is not enough. You need to study the betting trends to know their tendencies over the years.


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