All Natural Facial Moisturizer

Hawaiian Ingredients In All Natural Facial Moisturizer

Alitura hit a homerun with the Facial Moisturizer, an addition to their already incredible line of products. The creator, Andy Hnilo, calls the ingredients a “dream team roster.” Made up of over 95 percent organic ingredients, this product is derived from the botanicals Sea Buckthorn and German Blue Chamomile.  

You’ve seen the DIY videos and blogs which show you how to achieve that glow you want. It may seem a bit overwhelming to get all of the amazing, all natural ingredients you want into one product. Well, Alitura found a way to knock it out of the park, once again.


The Alitura Line

The Alitura line includes the clay mask, night cream, body lotion, shave cream, and a revitalizing supplement. Each product carefully designed to leave your body and soul feeling refreshed. The facial moisturizer is no exception. As the second product to the Alitura line it solidifies the high quality of production and benefits of its brand. All Natural Facial MoisturizerYou’ll be taking yourself to paradise by applying the best ingredients Hawaii has to offer, including organic extracts like Wilelaiki raw honey and bee propolis. The design does not target one specific skin condition, because it has all natural elements you can apply to a spectrum of needs. From oily to dry and flaky, the Alitura Facial Moisturizer is the way to go.

Alitura Facial Moisturizer, used daily, allows you to achieve radiant skin. Combining it with the clay mask or night cream will only increase the benefits you give to your body. You’re going to experience awakened skin cells, refreshed complexion, and new cell growth. As if the compliments on your glow won’t be enough!

Alitura takes great care in the creation of their products, the details go down to the bottle. A Miron Glass bottle is free from toxins, allowing the moisturizer to be preserved longer and prevent any harm during use of the product. This type of bottle blocks harmful x-rays and only allows Infrared and Violet lights through, enhancing the effects of the product. This Durable glass also protects bio-energy.


Variety of Sizes

Available in different sizes, allowing you to choose a smaller or larger option depending on your price range and usage needs. The 50 ml is the perfect size for traveling and will last you awhile. You can also purchase the 100 ml, keep it on your bathroom counter and use it as a daily reminder to love yourself and your skin.