Personal Injury Attorney

Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney After a Jet Ski Accident

A personal injury attorney is called out for a variety of reasons, one of which may involve mishaps while boating. If you’re injured during a jet ski accident, you may have a case, especially if the other party was speeding or was drinking at the time.

After all, people can become reckless when you mix a warm summer’s day with boating and booze. Even if the accident does not involve drugs or alcohol, people, while boating, may get a little bit too carefree.

Speaking about Your Jet Ski Accident with a Personal Injury Attorney

If your medical bills are mounting, you’ve missed work, and you’re going to take a while to heal, you need to discuss the details of your case with a jet ski accident lawyer. You need to work with a legal expert who has experience with water-related personal injury claims – cases that involve the same challenges as you’re experiencing now.

Why Boating Fatalities and Accidents Happen

According to the American Boating Association, drinking alcohol is the leading known cause of boating accidents. Therefore, it’s not surprising that a jet ski accident lawyer handles large numbers of personal injury claims and wrongful death suits that involve this form of negligence.

In 75% of the boating accidents, the victim drowned. Of these victims, 86% reportedly were not wearing a lifejacket. A large number of accidents and deaths occurred on boats where the driver had not received boating safety instructions.

Both operator inattention and excessive speed factored into many of the mishaps. The types of vessels often involved included personal watercraft, open motorboats, and cabin cruisers. The highest percentage of fatalities occurred in open motorboats.

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