Upholstery Supplies

Where to Find High-Quality Upholstery Supplies?

One of the common questions of businesses working in the upholstery business is, “Where to find upholstery supplies?” The truth is that it’s easy to find them anywhere. Businesses can go to showrooms or traditional fabric stores. They can also find them in antique stores. However, sourcing the right supplies is vital because they can affect the quality of the project being created.

Do Upholstery Supplies Include Fabric?

Fabric is just one of them. Upholstery supplies include a lot of things, such as decking, elastic webbing, zipper, bottom cloth, tack strip, and many others. Regardless of what supplies are needed for the project, they can all be found at Pacific Upholstery Supply. It is the leading supplier for furniture makers and upholsterers.

How Much to Spend on Fabric?

As mentioned, the fabric is just one of the supplies used in upholstery. When it comes to its pricing, it hinges on a lot of factors. The good news is that there’s no need to spend more just to obtain great quality fabrics. Pacific Upholstery Supply does offer high-quality fabrics and other upholstery supplies at great price points. Hence, many furniture makers and upholsterers need not worry when they obtain their supplies from the Pacific.

What Weight of Fabric to Use?

For many upholstery projects, many companies are using medium to heavy. But it doesn’t mean that they don’t use linen or cotton, which are lighter fabrics. However, heavy fabrics are vital so they won’t easily tear or wear down. This is especially true if the furniture is used daily.


The durability of the fabric can say a lot about the product. Double rubs are typically used to define how durable the fabric is. The higher the number, the more durable the fabric is. Many companies are also opting for performance fabric, which is stain and fade-resistant.

Are They Ready to Be Used?

The fabrics from Pacific Upholstery Supply are available in long sheets. They are not easy to transport and handled by a standard business. Thus, when customers choose fabrics from the Pacific, they also utilize the company’s converting services. Conversion is a vital part of any fabric purchase. For instance, clients can opt for custom slitting that allows customers to dictate the width of the product. This is a process of taking wider rolls of fabric to make them narrower. Businesses that are working with adhesive fabrics opt for this converting technique to ensure that the fabric they need will fit into their project.

Creating New Fabric

Apart from slitting services, Pacific also creates new fabric from the products that the clients provide. For instance, the company can enhance a single polytene fabric by laminating one side. This is useful for flooring and upholstering. The company can also add private labeling and provide roll inspection services to ensure that the fabric is suitable for the product being created. Speak to Pacific Upholstery Supply today to know more about the upholstery supplies it offers. Call (323) 321-2222.