Landscape Lighting Orange County

Landscape Lighting in Orange County Every Step of the Way

As summer turns to fall and night falls faster, are you looking for better landscape lighting for your property? When you drive around the neighborhood, does it seem like other homes might be a bit better illuminated than your own? There’s never a “bad” time, so to speak, to improve your landscape lighting in Orange County. That said, now is a great time to get the kind of outdoor lighting that, literally and figuratively, makes your property positively shine.

Landscape Lighting Techniques and Styles

All landscape lighting is not created equal. Just as there are different styles in homes, so too are there different styles in terms of landscape lighting. Perhaps, for example, your home might best benefit from “cross lighting.” In that, two beams of light create 360 degrees of striking, visual interest on anything you want in your yard: statutes, trees, and much more. Alternatively, maybe your home could best benefit from “Wall Wash Lighting.” This is somewhat what it sounds like: this lighting adds ambiance as well as depth to your property, directing the eye towards shapes, textures, heights, and anything you want. Or, maybe your home could use a combination of both – or any of our other methods. There are so many to choose from.

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