Does Your Industry Need The Best In Non-Wovens?

Non-woven fabrics can be used in anything. Many manufacturing industries rely upon non-woven fabrics to create the look that they want. Medical tools such as gowns and scrubs to carpet backs, upholstery, even material for roofing are very common uses. There are suppliers of raw materials, roll goods, and fabricators turning non-wovens into finished products. Pacific Supplies can help you find the perfect materials for your needs, as well as the essential accessories to go with them. In order to get the most out of your product creation, you need to match perfect non-woven fabrics. For example, roofing contractors will come to Pacific Supplies for polyester fabric which might be used in place of traditional felts. Pacific Supplies can then provide high-quality material that works just as well or even as a better option.

Getting The Most From Your Fabric

When you come to Pacific Supplies for your non-woven material, you need to be certain what sort of non-wovens fabric you are looking for. It will depend very much upon your production and the purpose of the material. Pacific Supplies can certainly help you to choose the best materials for your upholstery needs. Polyester and polypropylene materials that they can provide for you, will definitely match your needs. Simply reach out today and Pacific Supplies will offer you advice about the best mixes for your purposes. Whether you want spunbond or needle punch, you can be assisted in getting the perfect items for your manufacturing requirements.

non-wovensLet Us Convert Your Materials to non-wovens you love

Sometimes, you may need more assistance when ordering non-woven fabrics from Pacific Supplies. They can also help you with converting services. Pacific Supplies can assist you with other requirements, including cutting of the fabric, rerolling, any perforation needs, any laminating or labeling requirements alongside other services designed to help you get the very best from the fabrics that Pacific Supplies offers. If you have anything that you need doing to your order, Pacific Supplies can provide you with fast and efficient services. They will help you make your material do exactly what you need. Once you have a clear idea of what you want, Pacific Supplies can assist you in each stage of the process.

Let Pacific Supplies Help You With Non-woven material 

If you need help with anything to do with non-wovens, you need to reach out to Pacific Supplies today. Pacific Supplies teams are here to help you. Everything from choosing the perfect material to creating the best platform for easy use. Simply reach out today with any orders that you may have. Pacific Supplies will give you advice on the right non-woven fabric for your purpose, and the staff will be happy to complete your order. Don’t hesitate with any conversion services that you might need. To find out more, contact Pacific Supplies today online or call (323) 321-2222 now.