quilt backing fabric

Quilt backing fabric, great for upholstering beds

Quilt backing fabric is important to consider in the final stages of upholstering beds for a client. How you’re going to support the top layer of the mattress as it’s being stitched into place is important. The quilt top is a standard piece of bed-making material. You need to be able to support it with quilt backing fabric. This allows you to create the perfect quilt sandwich for your bed. To understand more about this fabric, and how it can help you to get the most for your bed. Pacific Supplies are here to give you more information. Pacific Supplies services offer you knowledge about quilt backing fabric and its uses in making quilts for beds.

What is quilt backing?

When making a quilt, whether a coverlet or as the topper part of a mattress, you need to make a “quilt sandwich.” These are the layers of all parts of the quilt. The backing fabric is the lower part of this portion. It is usually made of a fabric that matches the top of the quilt. The quilt is cut into large strips that are then sewn together to fit the larger quilt. They may also be made from quilting cotton fabrics which are designed to back much larger quilted surfaces. Quilting cotton fabrics such as those you might find in a bed mattress is very popular. You install the quilt into the backing fabric, making it more stable and secure, ready for attaching to a bed.

quilt backing fabric

Finding The Right Fit

When you are installing the quilt backing as part of upholstery or bed-making project for your business, it is important that you find the right materials. Additionally, These materials need to suit your needs. When you come to Pacific Supplies, you are offered tremendous advice about supplies and other necessities. Advice involved with producing mattresses, upholstery products, and other furnishings. Pacific Supplies’ aim is to provide you with the tools and materials that you will need to complete your projects. And so, The staff will help you with your projects, either for customers or to sell in a store. Pacific Supplies offer the best quality materials, and quilt backing is only one of the many different types of upholstery supplies offered. Services including a wide range of non-woven materials that are ideal for the furniture-making business.

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