lip fillers in studio city

Lip Fillers in Studio City: All Killer

I always wanted to do something about my lips. It’s not that they don’t look good; it’s that I don’t think they look as nice as they should. I’ve searched all over, trying to find lip fillers in Studio City that I think can do the job for me. That’s what led me to Divante MedSpa. I can’t recommend them enough. What they were able to do for me with their lip fillers is the kind of thing I won’t forget. I walked out of there with the lips I always wanted without paying more money than I wanted, either.

lip fillers in studio city

Strong and Subtle Lip Fillers in Studio City

I was always a little hesitant about getting work done because, well, I didn’t want people to really notice that I had work done (which is a little weird, because I definitely wanted them to notice how great I looked after the procedure)? However, that’s a big selling point for these lip fillers. The initial results are subtle. They’re making you look better, but they don’t appear to catch someone’s eyes. As the results came in, they were less and less subtle, making me look exactly how I wanted to. It helped that they let me experience that over time and not all at once.

Good for my Skin, Too

I was excited to get lip fillers, but I was also worried about how it would look with the rest of my skin. The good news is, getting lip fillers actually can have some health benefits for your skin. I sure had a glow after the procedure was done, (I wish I’d taken more pictures) but when I bounced back, I looked better than ever.

Real Plump Lips

My lips were the one part of my body I always wanted to change the most. My lips were always a bit thin, no matter what. With this procedure, though, I have the plump, voluminous lips I’d always wanted. What was so great (to me at least) was how natural everything felt. I was worried that I would get lip fillers and then I’d be somewhere and realize that it felt weird, was hurting my skin and body, something like that. However, the opposite happened. Once I had the procedure, I went out with friends and just felt so natural, good and confident. I realized later that since I wasn’t worried about my lips, I could be free to just be me.

Freedom and More

Divante has so many different ways of helping people to look great. I got the lip fillers, but then later I went back for the Botox. I had heard that it pairs well with the lip fillers, and I can’t even begin to express how happy I am with the results. My lips positively light up my face and that procedure lasts. I tell everyone if you’re going to do lips, you should go to Divante. You can too just by calling them at (818) 334-4737.