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Why You Should Use Their Soundstage Studios for Your Film Production

For filmmakers working in the Los Angeles area production can take place in many different locations. Yet, a soundstage studio can make the most sense when you are juggling a budget, schedule, filming logistics, and many other factors. While it can be tempting to try to get exactly what you want for your filming time, locations and budget might not be on your side. This is where a soundstage can offer fantastic flexibility as well as space for your to create your production. Here are some fantastic reasons for you to take your shoots indoors while still creating the production your imagined. 

Green Screen Flexibility and Potential

When you are looking for a certain location while filming it can be hard to really nail down a locale that offers you everything you need. When it comes to having flexibility in your shots and real possibility you can choose to use a green screen. For example, if you have found the perfect location for an outdoor shoot you may find that there is a safety problem or an issue with the weather. A green screen can reduce the safety problem or give you the weather you want without having to wander outside. You get full control of what you want to film. soundstage studio

Easier Logistics When Filming 

When you plan to film on-location shoots there’s more work to do than just show up and film. Instead, you’ll need permits, a crew, and many other factors. This can really take up a lot of your budget and can cramp your filming days into a smaller schedule that can mess up a vision of what you want your film to be. Filming on a soundstage can free up your timing, allowing you to be more flexible with your shoot. It can save you money, time, and plenty of frustrations. 

Better Sound All-Around

When you are shooting on location you’ll always have to be concerned about any external noises that are not in your control. This includes things like airplanes, cars, winds, and sounds from people passing by. This can cause a lot of headaches when you’re in post-production trying to clean up all those spare issues in the audio. A soundstage is a controlled environment where you can create what you like without those external sound factors becoming a problem. You may still have to clean the audio up a little in post-production but it shouldn’t be nearly as bad as some situations you can run into the outside. 

Control of the Lighting

When you need more light you may not get it when you are filming outside. You could be racing against the clock to beat the sunset. Or you may not be getting the light you really want. When working on a soundstage you’ll have much more control over what kind of lighting you are working with. You can create your ideal lighting when you work on a pre-lit stage. 
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