Polyester Roofing Fabric

Polyester Roofing Fabric for Better Weatherproofing

Felts used to be the most common material used weatherproofing a roof. Nowadays, however, polyester roofing fabric has become a popular alternative. This fabric provides better roof protection. It also extends better results when you need to repair your roof. But these aren’t the only benefits of this fabric. It has become a more economical option than felts. And it’s one reason contractors and suppliers prefer it over other materials available.

Why Choose Polyester Roofing Fabric Over the Conventional Felts?

Before, contractors used conventional felts when they constructed a roof. But when they started using polyester, they realized that it’s a better alternative because of its superior performance. But how? It turned out polyester has better tensile strength and it comes with superior elongation capacity. Because of these characteristics, it has become better reinforcement for acrylic emulsion coatings. The fabric is stronger. It also covers more ground. Furthermore, it offers significant savings for the longer term.


Because of its high strength, it translates to ultimate durability. It means that it can easily resist regular wear and tear. But that’s not all as this fabric has low moisture regain properties. It means that it can absorb moisture better than other roofing materials. It also doesn’t retain moisture. Rather, it allows the moisture to evaporate quickly leaving it dry.


It’s a man-made fiber. Thus, it’s not affected by market fluctuations compared to cotton. It means that its costs are more consistent.

Better Material to Repair a Roof

When you need to restore your roof or repair it, many contractors recommend the use of polyester reinforcing fabric. The reason for this is that it offers higher strength properties. It means that it provides better thermal stress for accommodations. It’s used with asphalt emulsion and white elastomeric coatings to give the roof additional strength. But with these combinations, you can have a more reliable reinforcement. Another reason it’s considered in roofing is that this fabric is easy to handle. It’s easier compared to other roofing fabrics as contractors don’t need to deal with the problems commonly affecting other roofing methods. One common problem with other roofing techniques is ridging or wrinkling. It’s easier to apply to any kind of roofing because the material doesn’t wrinkle. In that case, it requires less work.

Where to buy the Right Polyester Roofing Fabric?

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