Southern California Recovery Center

Southern California Recovery Center: How We Are Making a Difference?

The importance of drug awareness programs is surging among people gradually. Now, individuals are more proactive when it comes to opting for the right recovery program. We at Glendora ensure to offer a personalized approach to get the best results. As there are so many centers providing various programs, it’s essential to pick the right Southern California recovery center or where you live. On this note, let’s explore why Glendora Recovery Center is the best and how we are making a difference in individuals’ lives. But before we dive into this, look at the current drug addiction statistics in the US.

What do current drug addiction statistics look like?

According to a survey, Around 53 million people, or 19.4% of the total population of the US, have used drugs in 2020, and the number is growing every passing day. In addition, more than 700,000 individuals have lost their lives due to substance abuse in the last twenty years. These numbers are alarming, leading to the dire need for professional recovery centers across the US and worldwide.

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