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Simple, inexpensive solutions for a big blank wall, at LA Discount Furniture

Are you decorating on a budget? Does your living room or bedroom have a large wall in need of some style and character? You do not need to max out your credit card to give your room the personal flair that you can see in many spreads in décor magazines and websites. All it takes is a little ingenuity and creative flair to change the feel of a room. Have fun and think out of the box to change a big blank wall, at la discount furniture.

Hanging Fabric

Do you have a printed throw or large collection of scarves? Think Los Angeles “bohemian chic” and instant art when you add color to your space. Bold printed fabric can work too. You could use floral, or a bold pop of color to draw the eye.

You could simply use double – sided tape to fix the fabric to the wall. Be sure to measure accurately with a tape measure and draw a pencil line, so that your new wall art is completely straight, and centered.

If you are creative, you might like to try your hand at painting fabric and hang your unique piece in your home. The sky is the limit – bold prints or pastel sunset colors.  Take note of your furnishings and select colors that will match or contrast.

perfect discount furniture

Second Hand Vintage Plates

You may happen to have a collection of mismatched china that can be up styled into a new feature. You can easily find assorted vintage style plates at markets in Los Angeles– or even ask your friends and family if they have any pretty (antique style) plates that they are not using, especially if they are part of sets that have been broken over the years.

Depending on the thickness of the plate you may be able to drill a hole through it and screw it into the wall. There also special plate hangers that you are available in hardware stores or online. A third option involves using plate hangers that have an adhesive backing and a special hook. If vintage is not your style, a single color can also look amazing, such as white platters, and plates.


If you have a budget, you can think of using frames, but art can give your home a very personal sense of character. It does not have to be expensive to be enjoyed. Do you have children or nieces or nephews that like to give you their drawings and paintings? You can simply mount them onto pieces of cardboard, and stick them onto your wall.

You will need quite a few for bigger wall space, but it can look wonderful. Do you have friends who are artists? Do you like to draw or paint? Prints can be expensive to buy, and art that is more personal will always have a special meaning to you.

Your wall will become your own personal gallery, and you can change the pictures as you get ‘new stock.’ Contrasting styles and pictures will not matter; as they are connected to people you know and will liven up your space beautifully. Voila – your pop-up ‘home’ art gallery.

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