learn how to make chaga tea

Do You Want to Learn How to Make Chaga Tea?

Better health is the goal of millions of us today and finding new ways to help improve yourself physically and mentally is important. One of the great ways to help yourself is to investigate the wonderful benefits that chaga can provide for you. Chaga is a unique mushroom grown in remote areas in Siberia and has provided almost miraculous health benefits to people for many years. One of the best uses of chaga is to incorporate it into a beverage and it is important to learn how to make chaga tea so that you can enjoy all the benefits chaga tea has to offer.

Grinding the Chaga for Tea is Important

When you purchase chaga from us at Sayan Chaga, you can get it in several different forms. For those that purchase the chunks of chaga for different uses, it is important that you grind chaga so that you can use it in your tea. Using a mortar and pestle to grind the dried chaga will give you the amount that you need for your tea. You can also use your blender or electric spice grinder to grind fragments. You can also choose to use the chunks whole if you wish. Typically, about 80 grams of powdered chaga for one gallon of water is sufficient.

learn how to make chaga tea

Steeping Your Tea

The most important step when learning how to make chaga tea is that your tea needs to be steeped for the proper time. Bring your gallon of water to a boil with the chaga in the water. You can then let the chaga simmer and steep for three to four hours. You will need to strain the water to remove any debris left from the steeping process. You can then drink the tea as it is, add honey or other flavorings, or even pour it into a jar and store it in your refrigerator.

Explore Your Tea Options

After you learn how to make chaga tea, the process becomes a lot easier and faster. With some practice, you can enjoy great-tasting tea in no time at all. When you want a great source for chaga, either in chunks, as a powder, or in easy-to-prepare tea blends, you can check out the chaga we offer here at Sayan Chaga. Find what you like and place your order with us today so you can start getting the great taste and benefits of chaga each day.