Non Woven Fabric

The Difference Between Non Woven and Woven Fabrics?

Fabric is made by men. It’s produced through a certain technique. Pacific Upholstery Supply makes both wovens and nonwovens for various applications. It has spent long hours sourcing the ideal materials to meet the requirement of its clients. This post will provide information about how to distinguish between non-woven fabric and woven fabric.

Non Woven Fabric

It has long strands. They are reinforced together using warmth or mechanical treatment. It’s a non-woven so there’s no weaving needed. It has various applications:

These are not the only uses of this fabric. But non-wovens can be made by adding the backing. They are more affordable than woven because they are cheaper to fabricate. The durability of non-wovens will depend on how they are made. That’s why it’s pertinent where to source them. And if companies need highly durable non-wovens, they turn to Pacific Upholstery Supply.

The Woven Fabrics

Of the two fabrics, wovens are the more customary. They are made by weaving strings together. Weaving them requires substituting going over and under a string with a weft string. The strength of this fabric hinges on the string or yard being used.

Where is the Best Place to Obtain Non Woven or Wovens?

As mentioned, the durability and quality of these fabrics will depend on the company that made them. That’s why it’s important to shop around and research the best supplier of these fabrics before making a decision. There’s a reason US manufacturers are opting for fabrics from the Pacific. They know that the quality can’t be surpassed. Furthermore, the company offers converting services that make the fabric more useful to companies.

Why Choose Converting Services?

When non-wovens are made and delivered to the customers, they are available in long sheets. They are not easy to transport. It’s also difficult to handle them. Thus, many manufacturers are looking for converting services to turn these long sheets into rolls to make them easier to haul or tackle. This is where the converting services of the Pacific become useful.

Converting fabrics is a vital part of the fabric purchase process. Pacific Supply has the right converting machines that can perform custom slitting. Customers can choose the width of the fabric. This process takes wider rolls of fabric to make them narrower. Companies that are making tape or adhesive fabrics utilize this technique to make the fabric to the required size. In addition to slitting, perforation is another technique that transforms long sheets of fabric into their useful form. This process involves making preset holes in the material to meet the manufacturing needs.

Other Converting Services

In addition to re-rolling and slitting converting services, Pacific also offers other services that can create new fabric out of the products provided by the clients. For example, a polytene fabric can be laminated on one side. The finished item can be used for upholstering or flooring.

To know more about the non-woven fabric and woven fabrics, as well as the converting services of Pacific, please call (323) 321-2222.