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Which Two Colors Will Look Great on my Bedroom Walls by LA Discount Furniture

The color palette that you use to decorate your bedroom is a very personal choice, but there are some combinations that work better than others. Your bedroom is your haven and a place that can both express your personality and look stylish too. What size is your bedroom? What is the function of your bedroom? Is it a bedroom and study combined, or function more as a resting and dressing area?

When you are looking at the space of your room, you need to remember that some color combinations may work better in bigger rooms. In a smaller room, you will want to maximize the feeling of space, so lighter colors will help achieve that and which colors will look great on your bedroom walls by LA Discount Furniture.

Coastal Blues and Creamy Whites

Shades of blue are always popular choices for a bedroom, especially in Los Angeles. Blue is a restful color, and softer blues and white remind us of the sky, puffy white clouds, and the sea. Creamy whites soften the effect even further, making your bedroom feel like a calm and Zen space.

Cue, fresh ocean breeze after a long day at work. What type of flooring do you have? Do you have tiles, carpet or wood laminate flooring? A neutral wooden floor would complement the coastal theme very well. Tranquility in your bedroom guaranteed. In fact, if you close your eyes, you may just be able to hear the sound of the ocean.

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Forest Green and Earthy Brown

As long as there is a lot of natural light in your bedroom, these colors can evoke the feeling of being in a forest. Your soft furnishings like your duvet can be light greens, neutrals or browns. It is a color combination that can work for both men and women.

Softer touches can be added to with pot plants and even an indoor water feature if that is in your budget. These natural shades are also very Zen-like and calming. Your bedroom will be an oasis of calm in your busy day – a space where you can unwind and feel the stress of the day melting away.

If you have an en-suite bathroom, you can continue the forest theme there too, adding matching or neutral linens and towels.

Contemporary Grey with Pops of Yellow

For a more modern and sophisticated feel, you can use grey as a neutral palette, with pops of cheery yellow. Yellow is an extremely bold color, so there is no need to paint your walls yellow, you can limit yellow to décor items. Think boldly patterned throw pillows and a vase, or bedside light.

Grey is a very trendy color and works very well as a complementary color to yellow. In the same way, you could introduce another color, like red. Once again remember that bold primary colors are too overwhelming for a wall but should be used as accents in a room only.

The contrasting shades add a modern dimension and contemporary L.A. sense of style to your super chic new room. Be conservative – don’t over accent – or the result will be garish. Matching yellow or red linens will ‘shout’ – limit color to select items only.

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