Polyester Fabric

What are the Advantages of Using Polyester Fabric?

Polyester fabric shows up in every industry. However, it’s just like other materials, this fabric has its own strengths and weaknesses. This post will talk about the pros and cons of using this type of fabric. Before choosing this fabric, it’s vital to know its characteristics to find out if it suits the product being created.

What is Polyester Fabric?

First, find out what it is. Polyester fiber isn’t a natural fiber. It comes from a lab. To create this fabric, it has to undergo polymerization to create a reaction. The result is an incredibly strong fabric thread. Here are the reasons many industries are using this type of fabric in their products:

Low Cost

It costs less to manufacture this fabric than cotton or wool. It can also be mass-produced in enormous quantities without spending more.


Many fabrics need special laminating techniques to ensure that they are waterproof. Polyester fabric, on the other hand, doesn’t need treatments to make it waterproof because it’s naturally water-resistant. In that case, businesses can create whatever they wish to produce without using those costly lamination treatments.


The stable polymers of this fabric make it strong and resilient. In that case, it holds the shape well and it won’t get stretched out easily. Although it’s strong, it’s still supple and lightweight.


It’s also resilient. Thus, it can easily snap back into shape after being stretched. Because of its elasticity, manufacturers blend it with another fabric to produce a product that requires more stretchiness.


As mentioned, it can be blended with other fabrics. In fact, many industries are using it to be mixed with other popular fabrics.


It is flame-resistant. Thus, it makes it heat-resistant. This is one reason polyester fabric is being used as a roofing material.

What are the Cons of Using this Fabric?

It doesn’t wick moisture. It can’t absorb sweat or water. But the lack of breathability makes it an ideal option for roofing. However, it’s not an ideal option for athletic wear.

Where Polyester Fabric is Being Used?

It’s being used with pretty much everything. Besides the garment industry, it’s also popular in upholstery and carpeting. It’s also used in mattress construction. When it comes to determining whether it’s a good or bad material, it depends on its purpose. It’s not a one-fabric-fits-all solution. However, it has several applications that it’s easy to understand why many businesses across various industries are opting for it.

Choosing Where to Find this Fabric

It’s not enough to just know the pros and cons of using this fabric. Businesses must also find the right supplier. Keep in mind that how it’s being created will affect the outcome. Thus, if a business wants to produce a high-quality product made of polyester fabric, it should consider going to the trusted supplier in LA — Pacific Upholstery Supply. To know more bout the supplier’s products and services, please contact: (323) 321-2222.